Everyone is welcome in our neck of the woods. Break away from the predictable and ordinary in our beautifully rugged territory; this is the vacation you’ve been dreaming about. Fresh air and a unique cultural experience await you no matter your age, background, or nationality.

Choosing your path to arrive will not be easy as we are surrounded by some of America’s most cherished and awe inspiring landscapes. Come to us from Yellowstone National Park’s Northeast entrance to our west, from the scenic Chief Joseph Highway to our south, or from the Beartooth Highway to our east. Coming, going, and staying will all inspire and delight.

Our locals (all 100+) of us, are here to help make your adventure all you envision. Use this site and peruse all your options; you’ll be glad you came!


How far away are you from the Yellowstone National Park Entrance?

4 Miles from Cooke City and 1 Mile from Silver Gate

How long is the Beartooth Highway?

68 miles.  Please plan at least 2 hours to travel this highway.

When does snowmobile season start there?

Weather depending snowmobiling can start as early as the end of November and go through the beginning of June.  Grooming of trails begins in December.  Call ahead for trail conditions.

How many people live in the Cooke City area?

The population in the Colter Pass, Cooke City, Silver Gate area is approximately 75 people year round and 250 people during the summer.

Should we make lodging reservations ahead of time?

During the peak season, which includes July through September of summer, it is recommended to make reservations ahead of time.  During the winter season it is recommended to make reservations during Christmas and New Years and on Presidents Day weekend.  Coming through town and need help with accommodations?  Call or come into the Visitor’s Center and we will help find you a room.

Do you have guide services?

Guide services are available.  During the summer and fall, guiding is available for fishing, horseback riding, and hunting.  During the winter, backcountry skiing, and snowmobiling are available.  All year round, there are guided Educational tours, wildlife watching and hikes available in Yellowstone National Park.

Do you have pet friendly accommodations?

Yes, there are pet-friendly lodging properties.  Do expect to pay a small fee for pets.  Ask when you call for reservations or call us at the Visitor Center and we can help you with which hotels are pet friendly.  There are no boarding kennels available in this area.  The closest kennels available are in Cody, WY, Livingston or Bozeman, MT.

Is there anywhere to get my snowmobile serviced or do you rent snowmobiles?

Cooke City Motorsports, rents Yamaha and Artic Cat and provides services.


Where can we go hiking?

There is an abundance of places to hike.  Some of our local favorites are, Kersey Lake, Rock Island Lake, Woody Falls, Republic Creek Trail,  Bannock Trail, Crazy Creek Falls, to name just a few. Visit our Hiking Page for useful links and resources.

Where can we go fishing?

Fish Beartooth Lake, Kersey Lake, Soda Butte Creek, Clarks Fork River, Slough Creek and Lamar River to name only a few.  Hike, take a guided horseback trip, ATV or backpack to your next favorite great fishing spots. Depending on where you fish you will need either a Montana, Wyoming or Yellowstone National Park license.
Visit our Fishing Page for useful links and resources.

What is your average temperature during the winter?

Winter average is 15.5 F (-9C).  Temperatures can be as low as -20F (-29C) and as high as in the 30’s F (-1C). Visit our Weather Page for helpful links and resources.

What is your average temperature during the summer?

Daytime temperatures are often in the 70’s (25C) and occasionally in the 80’s (30C).  Nights are usually cool and temperatures may drop below freezing at higher elevations. Thunderstorms are common in the afternoons. Visit our Weather Page for helpful links and resources.

Will we need coats during the summer time?

At any time of the year, be prepared for sudden weather changes. Be sure to bring a warm jacket and rain gear.

Can I get cell phone service up there?

There is no cell phone service.

Will I have access to Internet in Cooke City?

Yes.  In some areas outside of Cooke City there may be limits to service.  You are free to use internet services at the Community Building.  Please stop by the Visitor Center.

Where can we rent ATVs?

Please contact Bearclaw Bakery at 406-838-2040

or email:

Where can we go horseback riding?

K Bar Z Guest Ranch


Skyline Guest Ranch